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Fishing in Wooli


Wooli is famious for fishing and it was once a thriving fishing village before the creation of the Solitary Islands Marine Park surounding the Solitary Islands just a few kilometers off the coast from Wooli.

The Marine park was created to protect these rich fishing waters were the warm ocean currents from the tropical north meet the cooler southern pacific ocean currents providing a habitat for one of the largest diversity of fish species found anywhere in Australia.

This means that tropical species along with tipical southern ocean fish species are found in abundance.  It is not uncomon then to see fishermen with tropical partot fish and snapper in their dayly catch and so for those with a boat the options are endless from off shore deep sea fishing to the smaller river fish like flat head a brim.


Commercial fishing in Wooli has been terminated many decades ago now and this has delivered the perfect location for the recreational angler to take advantage of this unique marine environment that boasts an abundant supply of a wide range of fish species for the dinner plate.


Deep sea fishing tours can also be arranged from Wooli along with diving tours to explore this diverse marine ecosystem.

In addition to the deep sea fishing opportunities the Wooli River adds to this with abundant fishing options along its 34 kilometre length with the added bonus of an enormiuos mug crab abitate preserved in the upper reaches of the river that take you deep into the Yuragyir Nation Park providing a never ending supply of these sea food delicaies.


Wooli is also renowned for its Oysters with an oyster industry that dates back to the early part of the villages settlement at the turn of the century.


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