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Bookings that are made directly through this website avoid the booking fees that are applicable when you book through Stayz or other websites.  In the case of Stayz these are $15 per night and can be a substantial saving for your friends. 


This means that if you refer a friend who books directly via our online booking calandars they avoid these additional costs we apply as booking fees.  This referal option also allows them to link directly to our webpages which also provides all the information they need to determine the suitability of our beach house for their needs, its quick and easy and saves your friend time and money. 


I am sure they will appreciate you efforts and thoughts.  We have many guests who have stayed with us over the years who have refer friends to Blue River Shack comfortable in the knowledge that we will do all we can to ensure they have a great holiday with us. 


We really appreciate these referals as we find great guests also have great friends, so why not refer a friend and help them save money on a great holiday in Wooli.


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