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 Blue River Shack - Wooli 



Just 4 hours south of Brisbane, is a lovely destination where you can truly unwind, relax and enjoy nature at its best. Wooli, in NSW, is one of those unspoiled natural habitats, where the only lights you see at night, are the brightest stars studded across the sky, and the only noise you hear is the crashing of the ocean’s waves.



The beautiful beach to the rear of Blue River Beach Shack


This is why Blue River Shack is such a gem. It is superbly located in a beautiful coastal region of New South Wales, with nearby forests and bushland heralding your entrance to this memorable destination.


We stayed 2 nights at Blue River Shack but easily could have stayed longer. Accommodating up to 6 people (with 2 queen beds and 2 single beds), this holiday house is very cozy and inviting, with its warm polished floorboards; comfortable leather lounges; kitsch furniture and ornaments; and all its modern conveniences including air conditioning; flat screen TV, DVD player and more.



Relaxing lounge with flat screen TV and DVD collection


The owner of ‘Blue River Shack’ has thoughtfully considered the visitor’s needs in every way, and serves to exceed expectations. We continually made pleasing discoveries about this holiday house, which enhanced our enjoyment and holiday experience.


One discovery was the whole collection of quality books and magazines that are available to read as you relax at the home (don’t bother bringing your own!) We also discovered a sizeable collection of DVDs in the TV unit which includes modern release comedies like Four Holidays starring Reese Witherspoon, to keep you entertained for hours.


Book collection in the single bedding area


Another thoughtful addition is the sensor light at the bathroom vanity that automatically turns on whenever you go to wash your hands. How nice it is, not having to wake yourself up during the night by switching on the main bathroom light when you make a bathroom visit! We also loved the fact that the bathroom contains its own heater, so you can turn it on to warm up the bathroom before getting in the shower.


Well equipped kitchen convenient to both indoor and outdoor dining areas


Another family pleaser for us, was the outdoor kitchen and deck area overlooking magnificent views of the expansive Wooli Wooli River. We cooked our dinner on the large gas BBQ as we watched pelicans gracefully fly by and land in the river. The indoor kitchen is also located just inside from there, which made it very convenient for us to prepare salads and other fare for our lovely outdoor dining experience.


Outdoor kitchen and dining overlooking Wooli Wooli River


The location of the holiday house is also brilliant. It overlooks the spectacular Wooli Wooli River, and backs on to the ocean. You can enjoy a variety of activities including hiring one of the local boats, complete with its own BBQ, for a scenic day out on the river. You can also walk to the pristine sandy beach, just a stone’s throw from the house, to go swimming or surfing; and when you return, clean off using the Blue River Shack’s outdoor shower located at the front deck area.


Still river waters only steps away from the shack


There are many things I like about The Blue River Shack. The bathroom has a shower and large, deep bathtub to unwind and relax. We were also pleased to have our own laundry with washing machine and dryer, which ensured we remained clean and fresh for our days exploring the wider Clarence Valley region.


Pelicans in the neighbouring Wooli Wooli river


There is so much to like about The Blue River Shack in Wooli, NSW. It’s a great option for a one off stay, but is also the type of place that you can return to time and time again as your regular holiday spot. I know for a fact that my family and I will return. It presents a fabulous opportunity to unwind and relax.



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